• magics 6w

    You need water

    More emergency services I am hare. To help amazing Fire Woman me and guy well help you out tonight let see blood pressure the dizzying heights take shot he is diabetic he when stay home Margaret say below be drive all night when get home Chilled my friends ask me to go out with them Margaret look at them and smile on your face I told them the truth I meet some one super special guy he work Kentucky Fried Chicken he so beautiful eyes smart enough they ask how body looking real good level he hair shed blonde he one good guy out there good heart soul he always be my heart my love if I die tonight. He saw me some were out there he well stop for me and hold me the last time we together are alone soul meeting he kiss my lip he really show eyes the frist time he said am got beautiful eyes he just talking to me for a while he Your Heart beat so first of course you blood he saw my heart beat he take care of me when he call for help me I whisper to him I told him I love him just keep me in his heart always remember him my truth Prince he not stop hug I feel so safe with him feel God's give us lost moment dreamer gold gate light always remember that moment (a.b.d) remember I told you that day am feeling in love with you always