• deannarabb 6w

    Stay in his word

    With so many distractions in this world
    It's easy to let your mind unfurl
    So many forces you watch on television
    Which is why you constantly keep on sinning
    So many people you think are friends
    Are not
    Everytime you listen your ears get hot
    Seclude yourself from unrighteousness
    And stay in his word
    Don't hit with fist
    There is no need to yell and scream
    Stay away from all unrighteous things
    Read your bible until it absorbs
    Then open it up and read some more
    Stay in the word GOD he gave to us
    It's the only thing that's strong enough
    To heal your mind, body and soul
    But don't go off of what other say so bold
    You better read God's word yourself
    And pray to God and ask for help
    Ask your God to help you understand
    These words he left us will lend a hand
    And strengthen you to be in your heaven
    For if you don't then you will let him
    Let satan take right over your soul
    You don't even realize that he is bold
    Through people, music and television
    You better to pray to God and let him
    Be your only guide in this demonic world
    Or demons will have you in a swirl
    Stay in the word GOD gave to us
    Reading your bible is a daily must
    Stay in his word