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    It was dad's birthday, and mom and I decided to bake a cake.
    We used to always buy chocolate cake for every birthday.
    In fact, all four of us looked forward to the cake more than the birthday.
    But owing to a worldwide crisis, a store-bought chocolate cake wasn't a possibility this year.
    So we took matters in our own hands, and decided to do it ourselves.
    Alas, some ingredients for a chocolate cake weren't available in the stores, so we settled some more and decided on vanilla cake.
    Now, since I was a child, my sole job while baking was adding the flour in portions as my mom kept mixing the batter
    The job with the least responsibility.
    That, and tasting the batter to check if everything was proportional
    Mom and I both knew I wasn't really checking any proportions, I just loved how the batter tasted.
    Not today though, today I had to ensure everything was just right!
    But like all things that are planned meticulously, this cake also didn't work according to plan.
    It came out soft and yummy, but the shape was nothing close to what an average cake looks like.
    It was the equivalent of how omelette looks when you don't flip it right
    Just pieces joined together.
    Mom and I brainstormed how to salvage the situation.
    All was not lost yet,
    What do you do when you can't fix a screw-up? You hide it!
    We melted some chocolate to create an illusion that underneath all the chocolate was a cake perfectly shaped and baked.
    I found an old birthday candle we had used for some birthday and placed it on top of the cake
    Voila! We made it.
    Here's the thing, even when things went wrong and we didn't get the perfect cake that we wanted,
    None of us missed the Dutch chocolate cake that we get every birthday.
    We were just happy we had managed to get dad something for his birthday
    And we knew he was happy too.
    Really puts things into perspective, correct?
    All this while, when we thought chocolate cake was the best part of a birthday,
    It was just the joy of being together and celebrating life that had cloaked itself in the form of the perfect cake
    We could do without all of that pomp.
    We could do without the happy birthday sign, and the streamers and the splendor that comes with celebrations.
    But we needed the people in our lives, and we needed love.
    And we had completely forgotten to look at it that way.
    Until now, of course, when it was the only way left to look at it
    When life gave us so few options to choose from, that we knew what options we would choose every single time. Hands down.
    That was all it was about.
    All this time.
    ��- Mathilda Tuve

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