• __aditya_bhardwaj_ 6w

    "It's hard to move on"

    "from people that have hurt u,"

    "from situation that have drowned u,"

    "from blessings that have cursed u,"

    "and from the present that have blinded u,"

    "your future is molding itself, your current will become your past and what matters is how u let your future mold itself,"

    "don't let what happens now affect u in the long run, what's hurting u now won't matter later so don't spend time thinking about it more than u already have,"

    "and I know it's hard to move past those who have inflicted pain on your heart but remember,"

    "if these things never happened, if u weren't put through all this, would u be who u r right now? would u have learnt all the lessons u have? would u be stronger like u r right now?"

    "always remember everything happens for a reason, people make u or break u and if they break u, it's only to teach u, u can make yourself, pick your pieces up and be stronger than u were before."