• vanshikatandon 23w

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    Purity doesn't exist.

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    Black and white

    A tinge of black accompanies white,
    just as the shadow is by product of light.
    Adulterated white is acceptable,
    A bit light in dark is enough presentable.
    Ascending towards the illuminated stairway,
    or descending towards the dark,
    choice lies in the hands of master,
    Be about smiles and happiness,
    Or, lead the trail of twisty and dark.
    Yet, Eliminating the black from the white,
    or conniving the dazzle in the dark,
    it is hard to deny the simple fact,
    The gloomy, dead room has a bright corner,
    The well lit room has a somber part,
    Purity comes with an asterisk,
    Duality is a part of the carnal shell,
    The sacred souls are the yin and yang.