• ernestdelapena 10w

    Cast of charcaters:

    Halo Nightshade : @ernestdelapena
    Sorceress Ravenaxe : @shegram
    Heaven Knight : @robertwjeter

    Trinity : Chapter One

    A watchful eye gazed as a bloodbmoon eclipsed
    A gateway of fire opens unto the river styx
    My soul grasping nails stolen from a crucifix
    Inferno at my command as slag storms begin to surge
    Whispers of my shadows winged throughout a damnation church
    Hues of sin stained crying for a second rebirth

    A alter of stone leads way, ashen from the heat
    Gargoyle watchmen paramount over the keep
    My warbound fairytale eulogies etched upon the peaks
    Reclined inside my body is a heart sleeping stilled
    A aching grin bleeding from passions overkill
    Unrested and sainted its hunger unfulfilled

    A howl in the mist broke the veil of enchanted thoughts
    Eyelids shut in last twilight with trees splintered in knots
    Sighs of the woods engaged in weeping willow loss
    I heard the siren singing along the rivers red
    Tuned in harmony with those left for dead
    Urging blasphemous chorus in coffinesque beds.

    The Sorceress and Heavens Knight locked in bloodborn art
    Displayed insane galleries made in sinful latticed arms
    Their wounds deeper than dreams orbiting long forgotten stars
    With infernal knowledge of my past I unbind their witchcraft chains
    We Escape around rings in purgatory shade
    Towards ether fogged catacombs dressed in licking flames

    With wings spread high to a volcanic mist
    Our trinity races across a undead abyss
    Demons slain with the stormheart of our raven Sorceress
    Remission from eternal pain
    A labyrinth of nightmare fallen to the blade
    Heavens knight at war with all that came.

    Blistering the elements in catacomb graves
    Our Sorceress commanded spells from lexicons unnamed
    Her voice swirled over timelines unchained
    Strobes of fire dancing furiously entranced
    Raindrops frozen in her black acid glance
    Enthralling plateaus to the bidding of her spellcraft

    Heavens Knight slaughtering the tumultuous hordes
    Blades lacerating the undead flesh in scores
    Biblical scriptures denouncing salvation to demons and more
    Fire blazing in his eyes revealing heavens wrath
    A burst of storms thunder from the scythe in his hands
    Reapers running in terror through the fields he damned

    A birth of our trinity escapes through the vulva of hell
    Hearts beating savagely with a story to tell
    Souls passing titan-like through a carnivorous veil
    No time to rest for a second battle now planned
    The seduction of war with Aries our trinity stands
    Against a world of souls that my words now command ..

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