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    I had to calm her up before her exams.She kept on telling me about him.I kept quiet and asked her to study for her exams.The next few days,i ignored her.I knew it wouldn't do good but i had to try it.This was actually the first time i kept silent for days.No message came to me til the day the exams was over.After her exams,i was waiting for her to text me.She didn't.I didn't know why.Few days later,she did and we were into the conversation.I never kept shooting questions at her,point blank.She was sort of scared to answer,i guess.She kept silent for the fire in me to diminish.She was wrong that time.It kept rising and rising.I was silent though.I never wished to see her cry.I couldn't bare to see her cry.Never getting any reply to her message or her calls made her realize,this is the end.After all the things that she has done,i stilled loved her but had to restrain myself from going back to her.Keeping my mouth shut,i walked away.It was loud enough for her to hear "Everything's damn over between us".A drop of tear did find all the way down and that was it.I wished best would happen to her.I hoped she'd stay safe.I kept enquiring about her, without she knowing it.I kept a low profile.I could see her going to wrongs one after another.I wanted to step in again.I could not.Seconds, minutes,hours,days,weeks,months passed.I wasn't still over her.In fact i could not.The moments we had, kept echoing into my mind.
    It has been alomost a year since we last talked.I kept wishing her on her b'day.I knew she couldn't hear me.One fine day something turned up again on the screen of my mobile.It read,"I know you might get sad,when you come to know about this truth and you are the only one to whom i had revealed this truth.Don't worry,i'm alright now".I tapped on the message and started reading.I wished i could die.

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    Chapter 13