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    Watching the register.

    Things observed 7-4-18

    He came in with her and my breath caught. My big sister instincts on high I wanted to tell her he was bad news, we graduated together. I learned he was her sisters boyfriend and my stomach still felt uneasy, not because I felt the need to protect her sister too but because he reminded me of the person I used to be. His short blonde hair, square glasses. and thick shoulders flashed me back to lunch senior year. He was joking about how this girl incessantly messaged his friend. His macho ego belittling me. He didn’t know that girl was me. I fought to identify why my stomach still hadn’t calmed, and I realized it was because I was reminded of a feeling I haven’t felt since then. Nostalgic for the blinding attraction and naivety, it was a thrill, I felt alive.