• for_the_love_of_lore 10w

    Elegy to the loss of solace

    He would want to know
    I wanted to tell too
    The date of my periods
    Then he'd treat me, then, like a glass that'd shatter with a mere touch
    Cramps became a weird joy then
    I'd shout at him and he'd know the hormones
    Being honest was what I remembered all through
    To be true to the pain and thus to the love
    To myself and him too

    Time passed; people change
    He'd not remember those dates
    When I still wanted him to
    And mood swings are general tantrums
    He'd shout at me if I'd do
    When I hit him, he do that too
    And argue with me over my crazy arguments
    Till I cry, frustrated
    After failing to achieve the softness so longed
    Why am I behaving this way
    Should I be reminding him again and again!?
    Am I overreacting its just all woman go through
    I then questioned my own experiences
    And never could believe when I was weak walking in streets alone too
    And when in bed I felt unbearable pain, it must all be false
    Because you no more regard it as important enough I think it must not be there even
    But it is there
    It is there inside me
    If all my pains are true, why I lose that solace
    May be because you don't know
    Or may be even worse, you don't want to know
    Or the worst, I hate to say that may be you can't ever know