• lstew1980 5w

    Lying Eyes

    Is it that I see through misleading eyes
    Or is it my hope that made it seem real
    Did you, do you even like me or care
    Why can't I feel how you feel
    With each passing sunset I want you more
    With every rising sun I fall deeper for you
    I want you to know, to feel, what I feel
    Would it make a difference if you even knew
    You came along in such trying times in my life
    You gave me what I lacked in strength
    But all I can give you is my heart and a promise
    To stand beside you and be faithful everyday
    Confusion is settling..I'm getting in my head
    Am I blind, overthinking or dumb
    When we are together, car store or bed
    You feel distant... Do I make you numb
    I want to be your reason to smile randomly
    I want to be the one to kiss your pains away
    I want and need to feel your hands touch my skin
    I want and I need you everyday in every way
    You show such faint clarity of emotion
    I feel Im just here till you decide to go
    In the beginning the idea of lisa was wonderful
    But it's like now you just don't know
    Was it just a dream I was dreaming that you wanted us
    Did I just imagine the way you would look over at me
    Am I now just a new burden in your life
    I can't feel you, I just don't know what I see
    Do you like it when I kiss you
    Do you ever want to feel my touch
    Can you see us 10 years down the road
    Or am I and my life just too much
    I'm a fool for falling so quickly I Know
    It's definitely something I didn't expect
    But you made it so easy by just being you
    What is it that you're wanting to do next
    Ill never be perfect and many things I can't change
    But my life won't always be such a mess
    I'm honest, loyal, and have so much love to give
    I make mistakes but always give my best
    I know I could love you for all the rest of our years
    My only doubt is my doubt on how you feel
    Is it that I saw through misleading eyes
    Is this a hope in my heart or is it real
    © lisastewart