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    Poem of Feminines---

    Though her colour seems bright
    Yet she is full of fright
    Though she carries the loads diligently
    Yet she is still blamed effortlessly.
    Managing things with perfection
    She spares not a good collection
    Joked to be the head and boss
    Her life remains like a toss.
    When she asks hitherto or hereon
    She is made to revolve on and on
    Her life remains a service
    With serving herself little justice.
    Things craved are only love and respect
    But that too goes unchecked
    Her foes are none
    Then what she suffers from?
    The traditions have killed her alive
    Without giving her any bribe
    All she cares for are her own
    But with society only they have grown.
    Some are ready to crown her too
    She does not want that too dude
    Just care for her as she does
    And let her smile from dawn to dusk.
    © Sonalhonny

    A little piece to show respect to all the ladies, who are an integral in our life. Thanks for being a part of it and helping us in this beautiful journey called life...
    Image credit - Layla Nowras

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    Poem of Feminines