• prayash_chhetri 51w


    As usual she was returning from nearby "dhara" she just slipped her leg through the stone and fell few yards away. The pain on her back were intense;her hand a violent cut, blood oozing out from her nose , tears down her dry cheeks. The day started becoming gloomy for her, the sun became pale and she feared that her husband would beat her up for being late to serve the bed tea. Her children would curse her for not preparing tiffin box. She woke up in haste and ran back home, lit the small "chulla" with full of tears in her eyes . Her son asked "mom!!why are you crying" ? His father replied "your mother could not meet your stepfather that's why!!". His sister exclaimed "THOSE ARE CROCODILES TEARS" . She wiped the tears and said "CHORA" IT is because of smoke