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    At what point do your thoughts shift from being abstract, to chemical reactions in the mind, to becoming words? Are they still "thoughts" if they remain undocumented? Are they, once written, redefined as an entirely different commodity?

    Are they still "just thoughts", or are they "projects of the mind", your minds"works", so to speak, if you've assigned intention to your thinking, given them your time, deliberation, and swung between different angles, critically or ambivalently?

    We coin the phrase "Don't give it a moment's thought!" We commit to "not thinking about it", naively convinced we can. Yet the very awareness of the "it" you're encouraged not to think about is very much a thought itself, and thus is thought of, inevitably.

    To think of thoughts as moments of our mind's abstract, and words as moments we captured these thoughts - with words being what decides our fate, or chooses our actions, and our actions considered to resound our character... If character represents us as a person, does that mean thoughts are the sole material that make up our entire entity?

    If so, we really then are, as individuals, merely nothing but an enigmatic series of moments;

    If you were to paint us, it would be a mess.

    To sew us, a mismatched tapestry.

    To play us as a tune, an intolerable din without an air of melody.

    We are nothing more than thousands of dishevelled thoughts thrown together inconsistently.

    Yet to "write us". To turn our thoughts to words. We can explore and expand across our entire spectrum of the plethora of thoughts and moments we've had. In the archives of our mind,.which if on paper would fill a thousand libraries, we can dive, seek out, explore, scrutinise and doubt all manner of thoughts, and the way in how we then pen also has such a range of choice, no limits to our creativity!

    We can choose which moment to retrieve to document, yet also which to leave - even if unable to ignore particular moments themselves, we can at least choose not to move them from mind to page Sometimes whilst seeking the place on the shelves of a particular moment in our mind, a different, forgotten moment will catch our eye, and beckon that we bring it out, too. With this we've scope for such diversity.

    So conducive to shifting thoughts and moments - whether fleeting, fluctuating or fixed - from the mind into the world is truly astounding. The sheer fact we can sculpt thoughts born abstract to, both rough and polished, pages of our respective stories. To take what is first created on a miniscule molecular level, and grow that into something recognisable, or relatable.and not limit them internally, but rather make them felt, and heard, and known! To be able to pen our moments as art is an invaluable ability.


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    We are nothing more
    than thousands of
    dishevelled thoughts
    thrown together