• invisible_dreamer 45w

    When seeing numbers
    I'm also seeing forms like
    17 which is angular and pointy as an irregularly formed star
    And 54, like a ball but somehow oval and pillowy,
    And 1, a simple cuboid.

    When reading or even hearing words
    I'm also tasting them just as
    Door tastes of dark chocolate with lots of crispies
    And time tastes of sweet lemon jam
    And science tastes of pure ginger and lemon.

    When playing the piano
    I'm also smelling the notes and accords, so for me
    The G smells of hot chocolate
    And the D smells like essential rose oils
    And the F smells of lemon-flavoured taffy.

    That's only some of what happens to me
    Broadly called synaesthesia
    And I love it, not coz it's part of me
    Like my very own symphony
    (What it is, too)
    But coz it's also like a universe
    Which can only be
    Entered by me
    And which is ready to be explored.