• sai2509 10w

    The light arms

    Theres always a deed in you
    To become an inacceptable truth to others
    Theres nothing and nowhere a string between you and me as said
    But theres something between you and me as always all said

    A connection to heart in accessible greetings
    But no gesture on face to beat in
    I promised her to be in touch
    But no part remained for us to seed in
    I on behave of you have to address others
    But theres the way you live me within
    I thought you will come across as frequent it was
    But sadly you and me are far apart to meet in

    Theres truely an invisible thread
    A glorious way to be instead
    A path to mature enough
    And get upon the bond of rough

    The arms that were around the shoulders of mine were magical
    No charity , no suggestion , no hope
    But yes a light ray instead


    The arm of trust, love , greets , and sorrow to share .
    The heart felts joyous
    The mind felt relaxed
    An action of neurons were on an
    automatic mode
    So the arm did his drastic coverage
    of emotions without any hate
    And also travelled the range of
    miles as the lightest weight as possible of mines

    Cause when we starts to encorporate
    this awesome mixed feelings towards others
    Your arms will surely be of immense
    gratitude to help others
    And no iron loads on heart
    And this is the time where your arm is
    offered to others a light response to
    Repay without sufferers