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    Continuation of Realized short story in Best Friend's point of view... Read the first seven parts of Realized in the Girl's and the Boy's POV. Thank you.

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    Realized (part 8)

    One month, two weeks and three days since that fateful day. I havent talked to him ever since. I tried to be happy for the both of them, specially for my best friend, but the feeling of hurt and jealousy wont just leave my system. Like now. Today is his birthday and how I wish to celebrate it with him. But that's only wishful thinking. But seems like fate has a diffent plan because right before I live the school campus, I bumped into him. We stood there for a few seconds before he spoke his first words to me. His first words since that day happened. Want to eat? He asked me that made me smile and made my heart beat a little bit faster. I agreed and we made our way towards your favorite bakeshop. You ordered blueberry cheescake for yourself and mango cake for me. And again, that made me happy. Why? Because I didn't expect that you'll remember my favorite cake. We ate there in silence. Even though we havent said a single word to each other, it still made me happy and comfortable. Just being here with you in your special day, is enough for me....
    For now.