• _swti_ 9w


    Some days I experience something unusual,
    I might hallucinate cuddling with myself,
    But turns out they were visions itself..
    Expect it to be a strange outlook,
    But feel sorry it can't be unveiled,
    Belief in existence of what doesn't exist,
    Leads me to hallways I'd otherwise resist,
    In place of four I look for the fifth ,
    For what they say it doesn't exist...
    I find myself in a glass hard as stone,
    But it broke with a subtle push of my bone ,
    My fear gives a painful squeak,
    As I crush it beneath my feet,
    For they say pinnacle can't be reached,
    But I felt it not on the highs but sunken in deep..
    This unexplainable sorrow welcomes me every time,
    All is said and done and I'm left for the rest to dine..
    A new dawn comes everything starts again,
    With this intense pain I'm a caged finch,
    Strangled enough with uncertainties shall I move an inch,
    Some say "you a gem " while some call me flint,
    All the fantasies broke and now I'm awoke,
    I got a voice of my own and I won't let it choke..