• quietlyhauntingu 31w

    Sorry Not Sorry


    I'm not sorry my breast are not firm and perky.
    They have fed two children.

    I'm not sorry that I have these stretch marks.
    I've carried two lives inside of me.

    I'm not sorry I have this cellulite.
    All women have it somewhere at some point.

    I'm not sorry my skin isn't tight.
    I've had significant weight loss.

    I'm not sorry I have a few wrinkles and fine lines.
    All the best grandmother's do..

    I'm not sorry my skin is scarred.
    It means I've survived surgery, Illness, beatings, stabbings, and bullets.

    I am sorry that you are so simple minded and judgemental to be bothered by such trivial things.

    I'm sorry that you don't contain the skills or depth to really get to know a person.

    It's sad really for there are great and magical things below the surface.

    Nonetheless I will not think ill of you. I wish you love, satisfaction and joy always.