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    Life goes on. ����.
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    All Eyez On Me_!!!

    Black is not enough
    to taint the soul',
    Pitch is not enough,
    to trail the game,
    Agony is what it takes,
    Pain is what it was,
    it's easy to call favours,
    What stands beside you,
    behind you, inside you,
    In sight of you, be by you,
    either actually truly, or
    Better in beholding,
    Everywhere you go,
    It takes life to live one,
    one of a kind, the one,
    With rhyme about dimes,
    afterwards or even before,
    It's the same thing to do,
    don't be of hate,
    Nor invite them sins,
    Just be of order, but,
    do lodge through.