• vaibuu 5w


    The void’s so vast,
    And there’s debris left behind,
    From galaxies that collided once upon a time.
    Attracted by their tremendous pull,
    But destroyed by the very thing that brought them together.
    Somewhere, a star is born,
    It brightens up the darkness for some million years,
    But isn’t a million years too less in space?
    At its birth, a celestial event was written down,
    Maktoob, they say.
    The star collapsed under its own weight,
    Crippled by its own attraction,
    Burnt out, maybe it loved itself too much?
    A black hole was what remained,
    Darker than the void it was created in.
    Now that the twinkle is wiped off,
    And the black stretches to infinity,
    We hope to witness someday,
    An end to the night of deception.
    We hope to witness someday,
    A new light of redemption.