• aparnabala 6w

    The Truth

    The truth is that no one is ever gonna stay.
    Many will come and many will go.
    Some will try to dominate you and crush you under their feet,
    And some will make you stand on their toes to bring you to reality.
    I feel sad when I see my friends hurting.
    Why are they suffering?
    What's their fault?
    Well I know, their only fault is their innocence.
    But my dear friend, this world is a place where you are either forced to become a puppet with its string in other's hand
    Or you decide to take a stand and speak which gains you nothing but loneliness.
    One gives you two-faced companions.
    The other, gives you pain and only to hear so much against you.
    But someday, my dear friend, you will be thinking about everything you did and everything you didnt.
    I hope that day, you don't have any regrets, and you feel proud of the way you lived.
    So, have patience, and go with ease, choose wisely, for
    There is always a road not taken.