• thepoetzane 5w

    Waste Land Orchestra

    If you're looking for the band they left…

    I'd say it was all their fault but that's what happens when you only move to the beat of your own drum

    I just like how mine sounds better than yours that's all.

    Harmoniously enjoying this never ending devil's lullaby

    Sing to me in my depression and only when you hit the right notes will I allow you entrance into this sacred place.

    This. Is. Mine.

    I've packed all my positions, turned my back on everyone, still managed to leave my heart in el segundo and I'm starting to think I enjoy misery.

    Or maybe misery enjoys me!

    Maybe I'm the best ride at the Carnival for despair when the rest of you live your lies in positivity

    Your just jealous death loves me cause I'm honest!

    I've looked him face to face before...


    He couldn't even take the soul that wanted to go!

    Well every morning I get up to my baron waste land and stare as the proud conductor of misery but only being led to destruction in search of love.

    Leave me to nothingness.

    Where you see nothing, I see what's left when god stops trying