• jeethurnair 10w

    Rush.. !
    We all are in a rush to completes the rotation of our own, just to satisfy our needs and desires by putting out the puzzles together, making a meaning to it and somehow, wrapping up all the moments and making memories. But most of us failed to achieve what we really want, as our expectations are beyond limit and our journey to the aim was a laughable melodrama. ! Why are we simply running around just to make out some plans of our own as in its sketched format. Why don't we share our stories to the next sitting person. Why dont we make someone happy, rather than seeking a way to make our own face a smiling one!? I always have doubts on people going after some leisure moments after working hard to earn money. They all are in a rush to satisfy thier own quest. But, are they satisfied in their life. !? I don't think so. Making money and enjoying after a thousand hazardous days are like a 'must taken plan'. People arw acting up like a happy one, while crunching nose and gripping chest in an unnoticeable shadow. Because, acting like the happiest and making impact on other ones is the real goal of every human ! We all are faking our life. We are running a masked life in front of others and living a complex, painful one inside. Where do we live!? In this rush of life or in the truth hides our heart !??.