• onyx_the_introvert 10w

    Like Me!!

    Of course you know me
    I am one of them
    But am not like 'em
    But does that even matter?
    To you am the broken,
    depressed, lonely girl.
    And you think you know me!!
    But what do you really know?
    Do you know why am broken?
    Do you know why am lonely?
    Do you know how I came to be like this?
    Or you think I had no dreams?
    If I tell you my story would you listen?
    You might think you know me,
    what if you were wrong?
    What if my story moves you
    more than you ever expected?
    What if it shows you the TRUTH
    you had always run away from?
    That when it' all said and done
    You are just Like Me!!