• uddesh 45w

    Magical existence
    One who sparkles in his own existence can find the way of his journey.
    The soul was always blind.
    It was the darkness.
    But the heart was the one which shines and sparkles life.
    One who has the power to surrender himself can understand his existence.
    Your body will decay your ego will be burned. Nothing will be there and nothing was there.
    What you called as you is just a dream.
    In every second you enter a new reality.
    Your body changes at every second still the moment you go near the mirror. To observe your body. It has already changed.
    What really existence can never be caught. It can only be experience.
    It was the ocean of pure infinite awareness which dances in the world of beyond thinking.
    where the mind was a just a toll to experience this magic.
    Be in the moment. There are no future and no past.
    But the ultimate reality is present moment.
    (Be lit) (Be aware) (be present)
    #meditation #presence #beyoundmind #stillness #mindbodysoul

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    Magical existences.