• aziedoh 5w

    Distance makes the heart grow fonder

    Distance made our hearts grow bitter
    We lived miles and an ocean apart
    On a road paved by curious minds
    Impatient and pregnant with dreams
    Constructed on false hope and expectations
    We were never kind; not to each other
    In the beginning our tongues spoke life
    Giving birth to a curly haired prodigy
    An unstoppable combination of you and I
    We drove fast down those lanes
    Screaming obscenities for only us to hear
    We spoke carelessly and recklessly
    Our words picking up speed and ammunition
    Time stopped with us suspended
    Seeing the wreckage we dissociated
    You because a distant observer
    A reluctant participant
    Distance made your heart wander
    Wander in trepidation of premature dreams
    Distance made my heart wonder
    Wonder who will mourn the aborted dreams
    Distance made our hearts bitter
    Bittersweet at lessons learned and life unborn