• anushairfan 10w

    "I don't want to have kids." she replied when her friend tried to talk her into marriage for the hundredth time.

    "But why not? You have always loved kids more than anyone else I know." she inquired with a puzzled look on her face.

    "If I will ever have kids I will try my level best to protect them. I will try to make them interested in Science or Mathematics. I will try to keep them away from the world of fantasies. The world of books and movies which made me believe that no matter how far the person you love goes, he always make his way back to you. Which made me believe that whatever happens, happens for good. Which made me believe that you either get united with the people you lost or you get over them and find the ones who make your life wonderful. I will try to protect them from the kind of pain nobody saved me from. I will try my level best to make them understand that love only breaks you into pieces that cant be fixed later. I will try to protect them like my parents tried to protect me from everything that can hurt but I know just like them I will also fail miserably. I will also see them fight and survive. I will see their laughter and enjoy their happiness to the fullest but I will also see their pain that they will try to hide behind their broken smiles. And all this is overprotectiveness is not even fair to them. I need to let them experience life as it is but I am scared. I know parenting is one of the most beautiful yet hardest thing to do and I am not right for it."

    Wiping her tears away with the back of her hand, she added, "I wish there was a way to protect the people we love from the pain and irony of life. I wish there was something that could help us heal the pain that doesn't seem to go away even after the years spent in dismay. I wish getting over a few things, just a few things was possible."