• the_twinklinglight 10w

    We haven't talked
    In a while
    and that's fine
    I am sorry i talk about you
    like you cause every pain my life
    I felt like
    There was something still there
    but no it wasn't
    and maybe you feel it too but that wasn't true
    I didn't let you hurt me
    I put up with it
    because i thought loosing you wouldn't be worth it
    cause i never find a guy like you
    and maybe that was it ,
    but maybe in a different sense that you would put it

    I thought about everything
    What you put me through
    and what you said and didn't do
    but i get it
    and what you were telling me
    but i was blind to see
    the truth
    I finally get it now
    We were too far away,
    too far apart
    It would never last
    never worked out , it would only fall apart
    but i guess that was just one of your many excuses

    You said you were stupid
    and i should just leave it in the past
    but you hurted me deeply
    and still stand strong
    but i already forgived and i'll leave that there

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    We haven't talked