• dianoria 10w

    -poem writing

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    Over the mountian lies a lake. Blue sapphire and glistening crystal not at all is it fake
    I walk and walk I didn't miss anything. I came into the forest full of green and mystic flaring
    Past the tall and wild I find my self surrounded,
    By the ocean and no grounds. An island that I found
    Parrots flying over head and coconut smell fills the air. The fish swimming somwhere under, their breath comes from gills
    Suddenly darkness wraps me. I come into a cave and a small light peeps out, I follow it even thought I have doubt. Bright warmth blinds me fully. Desert smell of dry grass and safari
    Lions roar under the tree. Ready to pounce or will they flee?
    Running the background fades into familiarity.
    There is the table there is the chair, a pen and pencil a written script. Chuckling I remember it was a daydream
    I arrived and here is my poem, indeed