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    To My Favorite city!

    Dear Belgaum,
    Where should I start from?
    You seem so Faraway now.
    I owe you my existence,
    All the best moments of my life!
    You're a city that's a world within Itself,
    A world detached from most Indian stereotypes.
    Playing on your streets, those games of lagori and hide n seek..
    fighting with the rival schools on who's the best.
    All these are only stories now, that bring a smile on my face.
    You're all the curfews of Kannada and Marathi, but we've come so far, learning to co-exist.
    A blend of languages so distinct, wouldn't slip your chuckle.
    But all our festivals are in sync.
    Cycling back from school, we complained how we couldn't wait to leave here,
    to a bigger city that's happening.
    Now that I'm here, in that happening city,
    Faraway from your peaceful hustle,
    I can't help but still think of you.
    These pizza places and pubs now make no sense..
    I only now realise your vada pav and parks were the best.
    Dear belgaum,
    Nobody here knows you exist, but that's okay..you're only for us belgaumites maybe!
    You're all ours to reminisce.
    No matter what,
    we'll always come back to you.
    Maybe now, the people aren't the same,
    Maybe there's more coffee shops now,
    but those streets we played in are still intact.
    You may change, but our childhood spent here will always remain perfect.
    We're so proud of you evolving,
    Evolving without losing touch
    and know this,
    We'll always Come back home!


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    To my favorite city!