• shallow_12 9w

    I woke up in this strange dream. And now, it feels like I've been wandering here for already two or more weeks.

    It's confusing. It's weird.

    But what's weirder is that the people here are so lifeless. Maybe because it's just a dream? Yep, that might be it.

    I can't help but feel empty and alone here. It's been more than fucking two weeks already! When will I wake up?

    As I was just sitting on top of a roof of who knows whose house is this, I saw that guy again. That guy. He's just walking at the sidewalk under this roof just like any normal person does.

    But he's the only odd one out of all the persons I saw in this shitty dream. People here are lifeless, they're like robots, programmed to say and do the usual things a normal human would say and do. It doesn't feel normal to me tho.

    This guy feels more... alive.

    As proof, I tried to spit on him from this rooftop. Disgusting, I know, but I care less. I need to see how he'll react.

    And as my saliva dropped on the very top of his hair, he looked up at me and met my stares. His eyebrows crossed as if it's ready to kill me with annoyance.

    I don't usually post my stories, but I kinda want to start to. Soooo, yep. Hope u support it �� #story #dream #writersnetwork

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