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    The present scenario is very clear to me; as everytime I take a step forward, life awaits with a new challenge for me. Life is seriously not an easy thing to deal with, that's for sure. The main fact is, it always feels good when you are ready with full fledged preparations for the upcoming challenges and it's not that people don't like challenges, but no one loves to be in the hellish situations created by the life.
    Now just imagine, you got a chance for time travelling. So there remains two options, either the realistic "future" or the land of "past".
    Well, so these choices will vary from person to person because everyone holds a different perspective.
    But for me, if it is possible to travel time, I will certainly roll backwards in a reverse lap. But wait a minute, where shall I go? Now that's too much difficult. Because till now I didn't have a smooth journey, the road was filled up with obstructions and bumps.
    Shall I go backwards to tell me to go and quickly hug Grandma, because she was ready to depart from this world, and to talk to her for the last time, to tell her how much I loved her lullabies and those sweet tales. Well I guess things wouldn't have changed, but only I can atleast have a talk with her for the very last time.
    Now it is the same in case of Grandpa, which was totally unexpected, totally!!! The two most precious persons in my life left me alone. I was hurt a lot. But how can I prevent death? It wasn't in my hands and the best thing I could have done was to talk with them for the last time. So I guess it is better to tell my past me, to be ready for those situations.
    So let me think differently, shall I go backwards to prevent myself from telling those three words which started our relationship. Because in the end, the kind of massive heartbreak that I received was too much for me; now the fact is, it was impossible for me at that time to prevent myself, I was in so love with her. So things wouldn't have changed in this case also, the best I could have done was to alert myself from getting this heartbreak.
    Now shall I go backwards to tell me to study otherwise I was going to score bad marks, but that is quite natural, my parents were there to tell me that. So now let me think, how about the time when I got involved in severe accident, yes I could have surely prevent me from doing those risky stunts. But wait again, it was not possible to stop me from doing those, why should I listen to anyone ( even if it was me only) ? So here also, I could only give an alert and nothing else.
    So, finally it stands that there are some things which can't be changed by any means, the best thing that can be done is to be ready for those upcoming challenges or difficulties.
    Now, finally I decide to roll backwards and to go at that time when I was a kid and to make me understand that, " boy, be tough and ready for all the challenges waiting for you, hope you can fight them well ". Yes, that will be the best choice.
    But all these things are just the result of my imaginations. In reality it is better to understand that no can change the past, so why don't we prepare ourselves for all the challenges that are yet waiting to fight with us?
    Yeah it is wiser to be always ready so that we can emerge triumphant.
    And if anyone is still interested for travelling backwards in time, then open the gallery and check the memories encrypted within the photos or videos, close your eyes and you will surely travel to the land of nostalgic past.
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    Rolling backwards in time, I came across my bitter sweet memories,my past; and while seeking to change the unchangeable, I realised it was only a dream, the best I can do is to come back in the present and to set my eyes for fighting the impossible challenges to fly up with the wings of success.
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