• dropshot 9w


    Hello! I just want you to know
    Right now, I'm thinking of you
    Hoping that you don't feel blue
    Coz I may not be close to you
    But I'm always rooting for you
    Just so you know

    Hello! How are you today?
    I got a feeling you don't want to come out and play
    It's gonna be okay
    That's what I always pray
    For you to go on another mile
    Hoping for that real smile
    That really pretty smile
    Hope you're okay today

    Hello! Are you busy today?
    We just want you to know
    We're here to ease the pain
    Even though you're strong
    A little help isn't wrong
    Think of me, think of us
    You are not alone
    For now, rest for awhile
    Tomorrow is a reason to smile

    Hello! We just want you to know
    Whatever you do, whatever you are
    Shine like the brightest star
    That's what you are
    We're always here to support you
    Up, down, left or right
    We always know you'll shine your light
    Just so you know