• trollarun 6w

    Earlier sky was so clear our ancestors could see the stars forming different shapes with naked eyes , based on astrological science they termed different zodiacal signs.
    Just like a sun rays hits the earth and every species can feel that , while there are some energies work beyond the scene , that's how the stars help our life and our future.
    Let me troll myself , since my birthday is on March it's under Aries , so I will try to link my life with ancestors science of Astrology.


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    I'm ♈ Aries Type

    Kind and generous like a water,
    Takes the bold intiatives like a leader,
    We before I is a attitude in the nature ,

    Love is all about caring , daring and sharing everything from emotions to passcode, Yet sometimes , I'm Aries type are Self centred and does not understand other person feelings.