• abrarshaikh 23w

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    One love

    At a distance..

    Another in time..

    Which was chose...

    And which is to be chosen..

    A girl i met,whose heart was frozen..

    The other one, was open..

    A sigh in my absence..

    A sigh at her patience..

    A right not given..

    A right not taken..

    Trust unseen..

    Trust, but broken..

    Touching gentle..

    Touching but often..


    Dared to be honest..


    A Cheat but loyal..

    Thought unfathomable..

    Thought of beloved..

    Faith in the unknown..

    Faith in another..

    Feeling of the first..

    Feelings being just..

    Broke my heart..

    Itching for another..

    Talked so good..

    Truth shouldn't bother..

    A reality..

    I am fascinated by another..

    One is me..

    I am filled by another..

    Spirit and mind..

    Heart and the unsaid..

    Emotional conduit..

    Guiding light..

    Love, a motivation..

    Situation.. desperation..

    Falling and separating..

    Some distance per second..

    A love decided by faith..

    A pure love..

    I think I met you..

    I thought so.