• maybeyourtale 9w

    # Maybeyourstory
    You might be really intelligent, very very mindful, super proficient yet if you rebel and stand up for your rights you will be called a disgrace. Be a calm woman accepting all the evilness, people will praise you as an ideal daughter,sister, wife but if you choose to be stormy and question all that's not right you will be called a disgrace. Be a puppet people will adore you but if you choose to be a woman Commander people will call you a disgrace. Keep yielding to all that a man says people will celebrate you as an obedient soul. Oh god! but it's a sin to be bloody minded because people will call you a disgrace.Why should you and your brother be raised in two different ways; Why should your mom be submissive to your dad; in what way are you lesser than a guy...Too many questions yet no voice. Why? Do you fear to be called a disgrace. Oh you coward come out and take the pride to be their kind of disgrace. Choose to be their disgrace, gracefully. Because that's when people will realize your real glory.