• ink_and_solitude 10w

    Better Left Unsaid

    So beautiful you are
    Shy smiles on that sweet face
    Humility in the little stubble
    Tides of knowledge
    Surging through your mind
    I wish i could see inside
    All I do is stare in awe, mesmerized
    You might just walk the floors
    Hurrying to your next errand
    But you don't know the thousand fireflies
    Dancing at your feet as you go along
    Will you ever know?
    There's someone who secretly likes you
    Someone whose poetry speaks of you
    Someone who cries when you suffer alone
    Thinking no one's there for you
    No, she's not pretty and petite
    She bears the marks of inner struggles of her past
    More flawed than the girl you fancy now
    She hates herself for being that
    But she'll burn in the flame for you
    Absorb your worries and sorrows
    Until she sees you sparkle again
    But she's scared you'll walk away
    So she won't bother you
    Rather she'll keep her love locked in a box
    And throw it in her heart's ocean
    Only to see you carry on unimpeded
    But you will never know