• indeliblewriter17 5w

    Residency Diaries

    Remember the time 

    When you wanted The Chair

    The one you are sitting on right now

    Wondering ....
    How awesome it feels !

    How lively it would be !

    The opportunity to be a better doctor

    The boon of saving lives

    The knowledge to cure pain

    The excitement to be the person that you have finally become .

    Now what you make of it is going to take you on the road ahead

    The decisions you take are going to modify a lot of things for you and for others.

    What you think matters,

    whatever you do matters

    It's a responsibility and a reward

    I am sure you are going to make the best of it 

    I believe you

    I trust you

    I love you

    And you already know your hardwork is your strength

    Let's make the best use of it