• guesswho 24w


    I love how
    I can look into
    Your eyes
    Without feeling

    Without feeling
    Like you want
    Dominance over me.
    Without feeling like
    A two-year-old kid
    That's being scolded.

    I love how I can
    Look into your eyes
    And feel actual

    I always hated eye contact
    And that's because of teachers.
    As a child always in trouble
    Always ashamed of being
    In trouble.

    And always hearing:
    "Look at me when I'm
    Talking to you."

    And something as
    Simple as that -
    However repeated
    Nearly daily.
    Has had such an impact -
    That I still now,
    At 20 -
    Hate eye contact.

    And only with you -
    I feel such love.