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    some says its only happening with girls but i realize its happening to all whom loved truly to their partners and got cheated.

    true lovers love and when they got cheated they had a soul similar to raped victim just the difference is physically had more pains and society judges them disrespect them that kills them wholy .

    still this cheat makes one something killed inside they lose their happiness, they got their heart numb, they cry alone in a corner like hell uhm and uncapable to share about their pain with anyone yess its too killer.

    i personally know some peoples and souls whom had walked those way so they seems like dead, no smile , no gratefulness for anything, nothing just like a cold dead heart.

    oh that seems so annoying when u try to make them fine but it is kinda like uhn doing shit nothing works but actually it will work only when they have the will inside to come out of that pain, else they will love to be in that pain forever.

    well always try to make them fine have some courage to make cold hearts to a fine one.

    i dont know why i wrote this well i got this in my mind so i wrote.

    be happy, be grateful if you love someone really so never lose yourself and make urself back for sure atleast for your parents they dont deserve to see you dead like that yes