• _alive_soul_ 24w

    He ain't Perfect

    He ain't perfect but he loves you with everything that he has,

    Sometimes he expects you to walk an extra mile for him which he does everyday for you without making you realise, He never exepmts even if you don't do so... neither he aggitates if you fail to understand his efforts,

    He loves you for the person you are ad not for what he wants you to become for him.

    He gives it his 100% or even more yet you leave him unappreciated and clueless to which he perceives it isn't enough at all.

    He isn't insecured at all about you hanging out with other guys..all that breaks his heart is he waits for you and you don't even notice while you hangout with others.

    He isn't difficult yet he accepts it coz you don't make efforts towards him and he still doesn't flinches a word because he doesn't wants to dismay you.

    Manish Jain ♥️