• laveenapintoserrao 10w

    Find Your Star

    O aimless wanderer, find your star
    Universe is at your disposal
    Obscure paths will unravel before you
    as you walk carrying dreams
    in your eyes and determination 
    In your heart. 
    Keep your gaze fixed upon the horizon
    But don't forget to keep moving, 
    one step at a time. 
    The step you are about to take
    is determined by the steadiness 
    of the step you have just taken. 

    O tired traveler, unleash your power. 
    Universe is in the palm of your hand. 
    The strength is lying within;
    look inwards and believe. 
    Don't get disheartened if you
    falter and fall; rise and keep going. 
    You may find companions 
    as you tread along your path 
    But they have their stars
    to follow, their own roads
    they must find. You are on your own
    when you touch your finishing line.