• anamika_isha 6w

    My Guitar

    Me and my Guitar
    Walking away with a soul full of music
    Into the unknown, taking a leap of faith
    Away from People,
    Some, hurt me and some, hurt by me.
    How could I differentiate
    All that dear to me, was always snatched
    In the name of love, or in envy
    A child in this untold world
    Looking out for oneself.
    Me and my Guitar
    Flashback of memories, good, bad, ugly
    Of woke nights and tearful eyes
    Soothed by the coiled up strings
    It made me smile to realise,
    We make music on being bent
    Me and my Guitar
    Bringing smile to people's faces
    Singing along in exultation
    A happy heart and healing soul
    Knowing I'm blessed to walk this Earth
    Me and my Guitar
    The one true bond!