• vs2002 23w

    The Last Angel

    She walks with a burning rose, watching the decaying world,
    Gods are hiding in the church, the wicked laughs of monsters she heard.
    With wounded wings, she is an only angel alive
    Once ruled the world her species, every single one has died.

    She can't fly back to heaven or fight against the odd,
    There's no one she could hide behind, no mother, no Lord.
    Herbroken wings are the weight she needs to carry everywhere
    Beasts preying on the last angel, they play nasty but they call it fair.

    Fire, floods, tears and scream
    Humanity is dead and so is every single dream.
    She threw the burning rose at the foot of the god
    He vanished away instead of healing the last of us.

    She sits on the stairway, her legs crossed,
    Someone charged an arrow; to her chest it came across.
    She smiled to her killer thanking for her escape,
    She could go to another heaven, that she hopes would be in better shape.