• rodney 9w

    17th July, 2020.
    10:56 p.m.

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    Blue is truth.

    Baby, blue.
    Blue is the only best news.
    Spread across the sky, it is the truth.

    Blue is the palette of my life.
    Blue in my heart, is playing with the knife,
    Cutting every bitter-sweet wounds in its way.

    Filling what oozes with spices.
    Mincing the vessels supporting the heart.

    Baby, it is not true—
    That happiness is the goal.
    And, the same can be reached with your soul.

    There's none in the way.
    But the sky is thrifty with its prayers.

    It only listens if it desires to intercede and spite with, what it may.

    Completely certain of creation's various probabilities, with which it lives its life.
    So swift to strike before one has a chance to change and try again.

    I'm not willing to go around this over and over again.
    If it is my life that you're seeking to get entertained by—

    Kill me before my blood turns to blue, cold and eventually dry.
    For I was never the sly one.
    I'm the kind that goes toe to toe with the ones that lie.

    This is me talking to you who can fly!
    Hear my cry!