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    CAPTION :-
    "Since You Came"
    Since you came into my life, my world has changed magically. The mornings are brighter, the days are happier, the nights are more peaceful, the smiles are effortless, the laughter is endless, the sadness is endangered and the times it come, it comes with you beside me to handle it. The tears are there but when I aam overwhelmed by your love and the obvious sweetness you bestowed in our relationship. The singing and dancing is more often, my kiddish behaviour is usual. I act mummy and bossy sometimes and that too is just another side of me that you managed to pull off fluently. The self love has retained from an year ago. The continuous pampering, loving, caring and adorning has reached beyond my imaginative limits. Since you came everything's been better every another day. That includes me too. Cause you came into my life and made it ours. Not a tale. Not a dream. A beautiful reality that we live everyday. ❤

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    "Since You Came"

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