• wilderthings 9w

    The destiny you are carving today holds eternal bliss and sunshine throughout your long happy exciting life. However, I am sending these wishes out for the universe to manifest for you...one year at a time.
    I wish you
    1. health (swastha raho mast raho)
    2. mental peace
    3. focus/determination (hustle hard buddy)
    4. earn countless laughs per day with your friends and family
    5. clarity of thought in confusing times
    6. creative boost (create more)
    7. motivation (in moment of need)
    8. punctuality (aapka sab kaam samay pr ho)
    9. get opportunities to serve the society.
    10. find happiness in silliest things (kyunki zindgi bohot khubsoorat hai beedu)
    11. financial abundance and stability
    12. get to eat whatever and whenever you want (cuz good food good life!)
    13. find balance in moments of uncertainty
    14. make each day better than the previous one :)
    15. don't give a damn to judgmental logbaag
    16. grab right opportunities at right time
    17. surpass every difficulty with absolute courage and no loss
    18. get to travel (ghoomo firo phulo phalo)
    19. gift of forgiveness (when it's hard to forgive)
    20. find the aura of love,luck and happiness surrounding you 24×7
    21. make good significant changes in and out of your life
    22. love yourself unconditionally
    23. all you want at any given moment
    24. meet me soon.

    For each day to come, hope you'll find atleast one of them useful and relatable. And for one of a kind blessing in our lives you are, may all and more find their way back to you.
    Celebrate this day, and each one yet to come...to the fullest. :)

    With great respect, love and blessings...


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