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    Being forgotten.

    Being forgotten is something people usually think as being negative. What if the world forgets me one day? What if the girl I love forgets me one day? What if the guy who means the world to me, forgets me one day? What if I am unable to leave a legacy behind? Rightly said, what and if are two harmless words, which when put together, have the power to haunt someone for the rest of my life. As of me, being forgotten is a truth I live everyday with.

    Numerous Monarchs and dictators have lived the lie of being immortalised in people's mind. Number of successive attempts? None. You see, being forgotten isn't a negative thing, as you may think, but some thing, which lets you, be you. You don't have to think about doing something which you want to do. Just let it be. None is going to remember that thing for long, anyway. Children are taught to score good marks, instead of good manners. They are being taught that good marks is the stairway to leave behind a legacy. But is it? How many scientists, engineers, doctors or any academically attained professional you know, who has done something so extraordinary that everyone will remember them? Not many, I suppose. Then just think about it. Out of so many people, within us and before us, who didn't live the life in fear of what others may say about them. Such an Irony!

    I don't like to be acknowledged for anything. I'm the one who's comfortable with standing back and let others take credit for his work. I never get angry when someone publishes my write-up in their name, and why would I? God has blessed me with the talent, I'll come up with something. And that person will carry the guilt. Let guilt have him. I never wish to have my work copyrighted. Let people use it. Let the word spread. Who know if it helps someone in their life, who deserves more than me? So it's all about greed. Once you give up the greed of leaving the legacy behind, you shall be a true human and you shall excel in your field, in every attempt. You have the talent, utilise it.

    I don't wish many people around me. I tend to keep my circle short. I don't even tell my real name to most people. That's how I am. When I needed to undersign my first quote, I was in a dilemma. I didn't wish to be famous or bring pride to the family name, instead I wanted to make the world a better place. And that's when SCAS came in. I don't want to be famous with my real name. I wish for people to say, "There was this guy who did good to society. I don't remember his name though". I am not the one who's all about name and fame. I wish people to think about SCAS's existence. I wish SCAS to be a mystery. A mystery, which only a few know, not the whole world. People tend to forget and tend to being forgotten. I know I'll get forgotten one day as well. I wish to be forgotten by people. I wish my dearest friends to forget me. I wish them to live without me. I wish to be the person whom people tend to forget, yet I want to be in their subconscious mind. That's who I want to be.

    Won't you forget SCAS one day, let alone the real me?


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