• vanshii 6w

    Worth a read ⭐

    We descend
    when the sun sets.
    For the light of the day
    blaze us, ache us.
    We descend
    when the sky quietens,
    when the crows screech,
    announcing our arrival.
    If you, by any chance,
    happen to be a human
    be sure
    not to trespass
    across us,
    For then, it would be
    hard,for us, to miss
    the sweet scent
    of your blood
    and the soft flesh
    of your neck.
    The very idea of
    fooling us,
    will be your last mistake,
    for we are not fast,
    but undoubtedly speedy.
    We are not strong
    but enormously forceful.
    The last thing
    you'll notice will be
    your sweet blood
    from our bloody fangs
    to the lower lip,
    already curved
    into a smile.
    We won't show mercy
    for we are the
    immortal demons
    of the dark.
    We are the Cold Ones.
    We are the Vampires.


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