• black_agony 10w


    It's not that I can't trust u once more
    It's not that I don't have love for you up in my heart
    But maybe my heart fears breaking down again
    One sided efforts to win you over
    Though my last wish will still u be back to my side
    But as I loved you much like I love nothing now save your memories.
    The tiniest part of my existence shall never give up on you
    It shall cherish you as if u were the only one
    And basically u were till u were
    I loved u I love u for I hold a piece of yours
    Up my heart which u don't know of neither did I
    And the piece is the me which became you not just to be yours!
    Thus my pie u ll be loved in a degree of permanence even if I'm scared to take it to paramountcy.